The Primary Characteristic of the Best Information Products

Here’s a remarkable statement: There is a dearth of quality information products on how to create information products. I did a search a moment ago on the exact phrase, “how to create a quality information product,” and there wasn’t a single result. That tells me that few people know how to do it. In this article, I’m going to share with you how to get started.

I’ve read a lot of material and listened to a number gurus talk about how to create information products and, with the rarest of exceptions, nearly all of them have talked around the subject, but not about it. And I can only imagine that this is because they themselves don’t know how to do it.

Of the few that do seem to know what they’re doing, there is characteristic that is the best information products all have, and that is that they are evergreen.

What does it mean to have an evergreen product? Well, think about trees. What is the one thing that makes an evergreen what it is? Obviously, it’s that it’s always, barring a drought, green.

And the same thing is true of evergreen products. They always are and remain relevant. And for some reason, the majority of people struggle to create products that are.

You’ll see all manner of products that are designed to solve an immediate problem – one that may only be with us for a few months.

For example, search engine optimization. I’ve lost track of the number of products that are designed to do this. But the truth is that Google, the number one search engine, changes the way it determines which sites ought to be at the top of the returns on a regular basis. By the time you’ve implemented one “trick” technique, the ground rules have changed, and the product is out of date.

The problem seems to be that those who want to create products have become fixated on what’s already been done. Instead of thinking of something new or a new way of doing something that’s evergreen, they adopt a “get rich quick” approach and look for a way to make something that will sell.

If you want to create products that will continue to sell over weeks, months, or even years, then you must take the time that’s necessary to think about how this could be achieved.

What would your evergreen product look like?