Quickest Way to Create Information Products

In this article I want to explain the quickest and easiest way to create information products. I am referring to digital information products rather than physical products. In other words products that can be easily downloaded online.

Digital products generally come in three different formats:

  • Written such as an ebook
  • Audio
  • Video

The quickest method is audio. Basically all you need to do is to speak or teach the information and record yourself doing so!

If you record for one hour then at the end of that hour you will have a one hour audio training product! How long did it take? Just one hour!

Obviously you would need to plan what you were going to talk about so that you covered all the elements you needed to on this particular topic.

The plan might take you up to an hour to write but you would need to have a plan in place whatever type or format of product you were going to create so this is not extra time. You would be doing this anyway.

How long do you think it would take you to write an ebook that covered everything in an hours recording? Let’s assume that an hour worth of talking is roughly 30-50 pages of content. Would it take an hour to write that much content? I doubt it!

If you consider video products then again the time of recording the video is the time it will take to create the video product. However, videos generally require tweaking or editing. Also they take up a lot of memory on your server!

But Are Audio Products Effective For The Listener?

If you listen to an audio you have to remove all distractions and if you are like me you write notes on what you are listening to.

Therefore you learn more and have more depth of understanding. Listening to someone teach you about something enables you to learn more than if you just read an ebook with the exact same information.

You are able to pick up on the more important parts by the sound of that persons voice.

Are Audio Products Better For Your Information Business?

Since you can create an audio so quickly you will be able to create a much bigger portfolio of products and therefore have more products to sell!

Also you eliminate one of the main reasons why people working online struggle with product creation – you get rid of distractions!

In order to record you have to remove all distractions so the product gets done!