Marketing and Promoting Online Information Products for Huge Profits

A product that is created from scratch, this being a physical item, or a software program, or a simple e-book is definitely not the simplest path to earning income online. You can do a lot better by marketing or promoting online information products allowing you very often, to improve their promotional marketing to make big profits on the Internet.

You can simply promote existing information products, modifying the marketing to suit your customers’ needs. There are also, lots of online information products available, that you can affiliate for their owners who, very often, help you to promote and market them. For these, you do not need anything else as regards marketing, because they provide you with all the tools necessary for their efficient promotion.

In return, you get commissions for the actions that your customers perform. These being simple opt-ins, postal codes, telephone numbers and addresses, or purchases of course, for which you can get up to 75% commissions or sometimes even 100% commissions! Get a few promotions going and with good conversions, your earnings quickly increment to a very good monthly figure.

The whole process of creating products is a complex one when you do them yourself and when you pass this work to others, it can also be a nerve racking process, since you need to first of all know what the whole system is about and then to pass on your instructions correctly to the people you employ to get it done. There will be fear for unfinished work, you have to give deadline schedules, have constant watch in what they are doing and how they are achieving what you want.

All that is definitely a lot of work, much harder than using what is known as outsourcing, by which you can get things done a lot quicker and quite cheaply too. Just type in any of the mayor search engines: “outsourcing” or better “10 best outsourcing websites” and you will be provided with what you want. There are so many you can use, Elance, Virtual employee, Fivver, oDesk and so on.

Fine tuning your marketing, that is, aligning your prospects with the products they are after, so that their needs or problems get solved, is the best way to maximise your earning potential. This is what at first you can concentrate on. Later on, when your marketing is bringing you good revenue, you may consider going into making your own information products.

This need not be an intimidating task. You can simply put together 3 or 4 articles about a subject that you know there is sufficient demand, and that you may have written already, and bang them together into an e-book explaining what it can do and how it solves any particular problem your customers in that niche have… and there you have your first information product.

If you go into information products of your own, your revenue will increase considerably. You then go into getting full profits for yourself, in addition to the commissions you earn from selling other peoples’ material. Even when you get proficient at making information programs, you will want to continue marketing and promoting existing work that is relevant to your niche, and to your customer’s needs of course.

But how do you actually make information products yourself? Well, this could go into a long article and so the simplified method is to start with finding out exactly what bothers your customers. Get to know their fears, frustrations, desires, needs and wants and then concentrate on the “most important need”, and fine tune your solution to solve that need.

Resolve that need into actionable steps that your customers can follow to solve their problems, or reach their goals. Show them how to apply your method to solve that need, whatever it may be. Aim to connect every part of your solution, to your customers’ needs so that the prospect feels helped and finds his problem solved. This way, you achieve total alignment between the outline of your product and the outline of your customer’s needs.

There are many steps needed for making information products of course, but out of all these, if you concentrate in that specific alignment mentioned before, your ideas will be concentrated in that solution, which is the required outcome: to make your customers happy. And when this happens, your business online will be producing greater results and higher profits.

German Calvo