Information Products Will Not Sell Without These Two Things

Make sure your info products are not missing these two things if you want them to sell.

Marketing and selling information products on the internet is one heckuva way to make some serious money on the internet.

When you think of the amount of people that use the internet on a daily basis that are searching for information on all kinds of stuff, the income potential is literally staggering.

O.k. before we go to far into dream mode I think it’s only appropriate that we look at the reality of what exactly makes an information product sell or not.

It’s so easy to get caught up in what looks like and is most often presented as an easy way to make quick cash on the internet but…

If you’ve chosen to create your own products to cash in on that massive crowd of searchers that are looking for information, than you have to make sure that your info products contain two very important ingredients so that it will work.

One of the fastest ways to failure with information products is creating something that doesn’t solve a problem and I’m talking about a real ‘pressing’ problem.

There are two things that can kill your chances of successfully selling info products and they are…

1. Not knowing what problems people in your market are desperately trying to solve.

2. Creating a product in a desperate market that does not help to solve the problem.

The first situation happens quite often in the IM niche because it’s easy to assume that just because the niche is overflowing with passionate buyers all you have to do is dangle something in front of them and they’ll buy it.

But like anything else, there are trends that come and go and if you don’t keep abreast of what’s going on in the market you might try selling a product based on something people may not be very interested in at the time.

Additionally without knowing what problems people are trying to solve makes it very difficult to know how to effectively position your product to get the best reception in the marketplace.

Find out what problems people are having and make sure your product addresses those problems.

The second situation also happens often in the IM niche because marketers who try to jump in on the backend of a trend, tend to neglect changes within the market they are trying to capture.

Take Facebook for example.

When the Facebook trend began every marketer and their brother started creating Facebook marketing secrets type of products around facebooks former fbml coding language.

Those who got in early made some nice profits from a crowd that desperately wanted to know how to create pages so they could take advantage of that social traffic giant.

Contrast that with the marketers who got in on the tail end of that trend who tried to sell similar products without realizing that Facebook had change their coding to iframe format.

Not only did master resell rights salesletters and others who chose to create ‘me too’ products that didn’t recognize this new change, kill sales; but it set those marketers up for refunds as customers who did buy those products were not able to use them fully.

Make sure your product is up to date so that your customers can use them and get the best results.

The second thing to make sure you product is not missing is this…

It has to be action-oriented.

I can’t tell you how many products I’ve purchased over the years that were so full of fluff and theory that by the time I got through them, I still had no clue what to do.

Maybe you’ve had that experience too.

So the best way to keep your customers from having the same experience is to make sure that the essential information you present, is boiled down to a simple step-by-step format that makes it almost impossible for your customer not to take action on.

The faster your customers can start using the information you present, the faster they will start to see results and the faster your income will grow.

So just to recap…

Make sure your product is up to date and solves a genuine problem and make sure you boil it down into a set of fast action steps that your customers can start using right away to get the benefits they want.

Your products will be so good, they’ll almost market themselves.