How to Create An Information Product That Sells – 5 Steps to Successful Creation

You may have already been told that you need your own information products, but haven’t been given the steps you need to follow in order to make this theory turn into your reality. If you haven’t already made your own product, then you’re either new to the business of internet marketing or something perceived as an obstacle has stopped you from doing so until now. In this article I am going to guide you through the steps you can take to create your first information product which you can sell.

5 Step Formula For Product Creation.

1) Before you can actually begin creating the product, you need to know what it’s going to be all about and what it is going to teach your target audience. This is where you will draw upon your current experience to date and brainstorm ideas based on what you already have knowledge of. Have you already got a website in the niche you want to create your product? If your answer to that question is yes, then pick a topic that your audience would like to learn more about, which naturally ties in with your website. If you can’t think of anything, then have a good think about what you know more about than your peers and times when people have asked for your advice in an area you have above average knowledge of.

2) Thing big but start small. Although that statement sounds like a contradiction, it’s important to learn how to walk before you begin to run a marathon. Dip your toe into the information product business by focusing on creating a small product that is quality but also not too ambitious in terms of price. Essentially you would be well advised to create a low-ticket item which will not only sell, but also build your confidence for the next product you will create in the future.

3) By this stage you will know what information you will be providing to prospective customers. At this point you need to decide the best way to share that knowledge. For instance, would the information be best taught in written form or would it be more appropriate to release it as an audio product. If the information is best conveyed visually, you could even release it as a video-based product or on CD to be sold in physical format. Not only will this depend on the topic covered and your audience, but also upon your own skills and how they are best utilized. For instance, if you are a natural writer, then providing the information in an eBook would obviously be an attractive option.

4) Now you know what you will be teaching and the format in which the information product is going to be delivered. The next step is to create an outline for the material in a logical way which is easy to follow. Write down all the topics you are going to be covering in your product and what is going to be contained in each of these in terms of subtopics. By the end of this process, you will have a primary list of topics and subtopics below each topic covered.

5) At this point you have an outline and you know all the main topics as well as the subtopics for your product. Now you need to get started creating content for your product. If you are writing an ebook, take this one step at a time by tackling each topic one at a time and writing about each sub-topic as per your outline. If you are creating an audio, cover the information in a natural fashion as oppose to reading the information as it is written down. You want to create a conversational and succinct delivery style as oppose to a detached and mechanical one.

It can be quite scary creating your first product, but don’t let this voyage into the unknown become a theoretical exercise. Take action and get started by committing to following each of these steps until you have a finished product. I promise you that if you create your first information product, you will be doing something extraordinary online that most people do not ever either get around to doing or have the focus to seeing through to fruition. I challenge you to be extraordinary.